Monday, August 01, 2005

I thought it was the law?

I was stumbling around Gut Rumbles and Rob talks about gun locks, so I thought I'd talk about the conversation I had today with the Assistant Manager at Wal-Mart while we were finalizing the purchase of the firearm.

I bought a gun today and was mystified when I paid for it because it didn't come with a trigger lock. This is the same gun I blogged about here.

As we were finishing up the paperwork and he was doublechecking all the numbers and answers on the ATF forms, he asked if there was anything I needed before we finished up. I mentioned that I needed a key to the trigger lock that was on the rifle. He said "Oh, yeah!" and took out the department keys, removed the trigger lock from the rifle, and dropped it into a drawer. He then boxed up the rifle and escorted me to the front door before handing it to me.

I went and put the rifle in my truck, curious about Wal-Mart's concern with me carrying a boxed firearm out of the store. They certainly didn't show any concern about the pistol in my pocket. Of course, that firearm was out of sight and no one but me and Milady know that I carry it with me everywhere. (Ooops, I guess that secret is out.) I digress. This post is about trigger locks.

Not that I need another trigger lock. I let the grandkids play with them, mainly because they are fairly useless as locks go. There are probably a half-dozen of them in the bottom of the toybox in various stages of disrepair. They are useful for keeping a three-year-old entertained for about fifteen minutes, but as locks they are worthless.

For the record, there is not a single firearm in the house that the grandkids can reach without adult assistance. If the unthinkable happens and they manage to get near a firearm, it is safe because they have been taught about firearms. My grandchildrens safety is uppermost in my mind, and having firearms in the house insures their safety.

Back to the original question: I thought the law required that I be issued a trigger lock when I purchased a firearm? I darn sure didn't get one today.

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