Monday, August 22, 2005


I see at Reuters, they are talking about re-introducing lions, cheetahs and elephants back into North America. Cool!
Scientists are proposing reintroducing large mammals such as elephants, lions, cheetahs and wild horses to North America to replace populations lost 13,000 years ago.
I don't think we need any more wild horses, though. We've got plenty around here. The Army training area at Peason Ridge is awash with equines. I understand that out West, the horses and burros are a pain in the wazoo. Let those scientists keep their horses.

I think elephants would do well in the semi-tropic environment of Louisiana. Lions and cheetah might thrive too. The scientists might have to think about what that would mean to the native species, like man.

There is a general provision in Louisiana law that if someone is threatened by a wild animal, that person generally can legally shoot the animal in defense of human life.

An elephant in Momma's okra would qualify, I guess, and a lion in the chickens certainly would qualify.

I need a bigger rifle. Something with H&H behind the caliber designation.


j said...

As my sainted momma would say, the people who advocate such a dumb idea couldn't pour piss out of a boot with the directions on the heel.

Kelly(Mom of 6) said...

Gotta love those spam comments, eh?

What size gun do you need to take down an elephant? Good heavens, I'm going to have to take up shooting.

Pawpaw said...

Kelly. Yeah, my first comment spam. All spammers must die.

Actually, an elephant can be killed with smaller calibers as Karamojo Bell so aptly proved, but he was an expert, and larger calibers are recommended for beginners. Something on the line of the .375 H&H, or the .458 Winchester ought to do fine.

AlanDP said...

I posted something about this a couple of days ago, if you're interested...