Sunday, January 19, 2020

Poor Ol' Harry

I'm not one to follow the travails of the Royal Family in Britain, but you'd have to be blind not to see that young Harry, beloved grandson of the Queen, has crapped in his own mess-kit.

This dude, an elite only by virtue of his birth, had the world by the nuts.
This time a year ago, Prince Harry had the world at his feet. He was a handsome prince with a beautiful wife and a healthy male heir on the way, plenty of money, a free, five-bedroomed ‘cottage’ in a piece of England’s finest real estate, a dashing war record from two tours in Afghanistan, bags of honorary titles — including Captain General of the Royal Marines — all the cachet of being a senior player in the world’s grandest Royal Family but little of the responsibility (his big brother William is heir to the throne, so the pressure is off there), with plenty of spare time for frequent private jet jaunts round the world to hang out with celebrity chums like Sir Elton John.
Now, he's pissed off grandma, been booted out of the royal family, and owes the taxpayers of Britain, 2.4 million pounds.  He's in his mid-30s, relatively healthy, and moving to a new country.  He'll be fine.  Lots of folks have started over at that age, and I wish him the best of luck.  He's going to need it.


robert orians said...

He may be smitten with a life long love of passion and soul . I'll let history sort it out . He may get a waifs revenge . History will prevail.

BobF said...

During the length of the Invictus Games (international competition for disabled military/former military) a few years ago I had the pleasure, somewhat surprisingly, of meeting and being in his general proximity. If I had not recognized him or he had not been introduced to our group by title (he was/is the host/sponsor of the games) I would never have guessed he was of nobility -- blue jeans, polo shirt, friendly, a one-of-the-guys sort in all manner. He was definitely not what I had thought of as someone with "Prince" as a part of his name and I grew to have a totally different picture of him after that week. He sat in the stands with everyone else, no special seating (I was working track and field), and ate lunch with the rest of us in the athletes/volunteers/staff/officials tent. I am not surprised at his urge not to be royal, though I too wonder if he is truly prepared for the difference his new life will bring. I wish him luck, success, and happiness in it all -- after what I witnessed in those Invictus Games (Google it), I have great respect for him.