Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday Family Shoot

Sunday, being Father's Day, was also the anniversary of Milady any my wedding.  We've been hitched for twelve years now, and it gets better every day.  So, today for lunch, I cooked fish on the back patio.  I had some catfish given to me (thanks Patty) and some white perch given to me (thanks Alisha), so we fried fish with all the trimmings.  For those unable to enjoy fish, we also cooked chicken nuggets (thanks Tyson).  With french fries and fried okra.  The whole family assembled to eat and I had two burners going.

Here's a picture of Milady and I.  It's an old one, dated February 2007, but I like it.

After lunch, we set up the range to do some shooting.  We introduced grandson Quinton to the rigors of the line, and we introduced family friend Sam to the line.  Both teenage boys, they were hitting in the 0.8s, which is good for newbies.  No pictures of the shooting today.  I was busy running the line, helping grandkids and keeping score.  About 3:00, everybody went home.

UPDATE:  I did get some pics from family.  Here's Matt and Joey standing the line.

Now, PawPaw is relaxing with a drink, contemplating the joys in his life, and reflecting on how good my bed will feel in several more hours.


Melissa said...

Thanks for a lovely day! Happy Father's day.

Old NFO said...

Nothing wrong with that day! :-)