Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Family Shoot

Our little family shoot is growing, and we're having fun with it.  Wax bullets, steel targets, and timers.  It's a hoot.  Two videos to share today,  The first, my two elder sons go head-to-head.  Matt on the left, and Barrett on the right.  Barrett couldn't find the target today, but Matt was running in the 0.7s.  His last shot was in the high 0.6s, so he's getting faster.

The second little clip, grandson Michael is on the right, and he hits a 0.651.  For a guy who's done this exactly twice, it's pretty darned good.  He's leaving for college in August, so he won't get much time to shoot with the old man, but I like having him around.

It's all about family, after all, but the Grandpa had better start working on his time.  The boys are showing me up on a regular basis.

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Old NFO said...

Yep, they're picking up the pace!!! And I think they are going to be pushing you pretty quickly!!! :-0