Friday, June 12, 2015

Red River Cresting

The Red River at Alexandria is at flood stage and is forecast to crest this weekend.  Several families are flooded in areas that flood historically, like Rigollete Bayou and the Buhlow recreation complex.  Unless you're local, it's hard to envision, but our local news folks took a helicopter ride.

The hydrology page for the Red at Alexandria is here.  The page is updated daily, but it appears that the crest is now expected on Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

Crested here (s'porp
4' over major flood stage Shut down major roads. Flooded about 100 homes and busuness pray its not as bad for y'all. Stay safe and happy shooting. I'm sure you'll be Tasked somehow with the response so will keep you in prayer. Our guys (Leo's) are finding a back up with snakeshot ain't bad to have.