Thursday, June 04, 2015


Our backyard wax bullet range keeps getting a little better every day.  I had ordered new electronics for the second target, so today after errands, I found it on the front steps.

One thing I noticed about the little CFDA timer is that it's very lightweight, and I wanted a box, a stand, to put them in while we're using then that will give them some weight and keep them from being knocked over.  I found a piece of deck board left over from another project, and started scratching my head..

Just about that time, elder son drove up.  He was working on a project and needed the old man's help.  We finished his project, right quick, easy peasy, and got to work on my project, the box for the timers.  In just a few minutes we had finished that one too.

SO, being the good project engineers that we are, we decided to set everything up, wire it, and run a test shoot.  Just to make sure everything worked.

We wired them up, mounted the timer, and ran a test shoot.  Everything works according to design specs.  The boy looked at his watch, told me he had to go, so we broke everything down real quick and he headed off to finish his day.  Then I got out a rattle-can and gave our little timer stand a quick coat of paint.

It's plenty sturdy and fits the two timers just fine.  when the timers are in the stand, I won't worry about them getting knocked off the table accidentally.

As elder son was getting in his truck, I asked him what he thought about the new set-up.. He allowed that it is cool, and told me that "Come Sunday, the shit-talking will commence."

With my boys, I have no doubt about that.

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6ShotsOr5? said...

Gonna sound like a war zone around there. Cool!