Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Notes from Tuesday

I finished my re-trainer today.  I'm now fully qualified to be a police officer for another year.

It's 93F out there, with a chance of a stray thunder shower.  Lovely.  Like we need more rain. In another hour, I'll start mowing grass, which is starting to look shaggy.  In the meantime, it's laundry.

I heard a rumor, so today on the way back from training, I took a detour.  A guy in Pineville has opened a saddle shop.  When I walked in from the bright sunlight, into the dim shop, someone asked if I needed any help.  I told them that I needed to let my eyes adjust, but I knew from the smell that I was in a leather shop.

Not that I need any saddles, but a good saddle shop is a joy of leather work.  I saw some samples of this guy's work and he looks like he knows his craft.  I told him I was glad to know that he is open, and that I'd be bringing him some business.

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Old NFO said...

That IS a great smell, and quality work is hard to find these days!