Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Murthy Confirmed

I see that the Senate confirmed Dr. Vivek Muthy as Surgeon Gemeral, and it's another example of the largess afforded to the nuclear option.  Even Politico thinks so.
The Senate on Monday narrowly confirmed Vivek Murthy to be the nation’s surgeon general, making him one of the highest-profile beneficiaries of the Senate’s nuclear option.
The nomination was strongly opposed by the National Rifle Association because of Murthy’s support of gun-control laws and by Republicans who doubted that a 37-year-old physician was qualified for the public health position.
From all accounts, Murthy is an extreme left-wing physician who believes that guns are a public health issue.  He was actively opposed by the NRA, and narrowly approved on a 51-43 vote.  Harry Reid's nuclear option saved the day for President Obama and Dr. Murthy.

On a more local note, Mary Landrieu once again showed her undying loyalty to the Democratic Party, voting to approve Dr. Murthy.  Mary was the deciding vote on the nomination and shows once again that she is totally out of touch with the voters of the state of Louisiana and a willing tool for President Obama.

Thankfully, we have only a few more days before we will be shed of this troublesome Senator.

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Theother Ryan said...

I think the Democrats are going to have a serious case of 'what goes around comes around' on the historic change in senate rules known as the nuclear option.

In 2 weeks it will be a stalemate. That being said a Republican president is almost a certainty based on historic records.