Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Exams, and etc.

It seems that a third year Harvard law student tried to argue that exams should be postponed because of "emotional trauma" over the Ferguson and the NYC problem.

Yeah, really.  You would think that a Harvard 3L would be able to make a cogent argument, complete with sterling logic and impeccable grammar.  You'd be wrong.
What followed may be among the most ghastly prose and problematic structure a Harvard Law Review editor has published in quite some time. Desmond’s achievement is a feat that could only be accomplished by someone who has never been subject to much in the way of biting criticism.
I remember when I was in grad school, I was taking a class under Jay Hix and he told us, basically, that if he was giving a test, and he was looking out the window and watched us running across the parking lot, and saw a garbage truck run over us, even that wasn't a good enough excuse to miss one of his tests.   Perhaps Harvard should adopt Dr. Hix policy.

I am heartened that the entire legal media is laughing hysterically at this special snowflake, who can't write, can't reason, and can't read a course schedule.  I bet he'll do really well on his bar exam.

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Peripatetic Engineer said...

I was taking a Fluids course back in the Vietnam era when it was popular to call in bomb threats (before bombs became a really serious issue). When the professor was informed of the threat he told us that he was going to continue with the lecture but anyone was free to leave. No one did. The fear of missing important information outweighed the risk of the bomb threat.