Thursday, December 25, 2014

Waste Oil Heater

My Grandfather liked to tinker around with projects, and his shop was a marvel to a young mind.  He was always tinkering with something and while he didn't always figure it out, he was successful more often than not.  (The engine that ran on tap water gave him fits, and while he got it to run, it had no power, it wouldn't pull itself.)  But that's another story.

So, I love to watch guys who tinker in their shops, and while surfing around, I found this guy, Gerry, who YouTubes his projects,  He's been working on heaters that run on waste motor oil, and it's fun watching his projects come together.

Here's the finished project.

I especially like the Pyrex bowl he uses for a viewing window.

I was showing this series of videos to my son last night, during a lull in the Christmas festivities, and he asked me to capture it, because he's just finished his shop and is looking at heating options.

Stuff like this fascinates me.


Old NFO said...

Neat, and especially nice this time of year!!!

Anonymous said...

If you can find an old Army Surplus Arctic Tent Heater, it will come ready to go to burn waste oil, or any thing else liquid and flammable. Pull the fuel ring out, shove in the grate, and you burn solid fuel. It can be cranked up as high as 55000 BTU.


Anonymous said...

BTW, the utility of shop heaters is not only how hot the can get, but how low a flame can be produced and have the stove still operate. This builder doesn't demonstrate the low end.

The Army stove goes a step past drip-oil ignition. It uses an actual gas generator system which turns the liquids into flammable gas and burns the gas in a fire ring, as in a gas stove in your kitchen. Gas rings are VERY controllable.