Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Rifles

Christmas is likely to bring a rifle or two into the clan, or in this case, to redistribute some.  I decided several years ago that it was time to start redistributing some of my rifles, as grandkids got old enough.  This Christmas, two of the grandkids were old enough, and they got two of mine.  I took them out today to make sure that they were properly schooled on the basics.

That's Zachary with my Savage 10 in .243 Winchester.  Several years ago, I settled on a fairly stout load featuring Hornady's wonderful little 100 grain softosed bullet.  It's a deer-slayer extraordinaire,  I took a middling doe with it several years ago, a one-shot kill.  Don't let anyone tell you that the .243 Winchester is too small for whitetail deer.  Posh!  Zachary's bench technique is all wrong, but he's a small fellow and had trouble getting stable.  However, with that flat-shooting .243, he was able to ring the 100 yard gong with boring repetitiveness.

Next up is grandson Quinton, also with a Savage 10, this one in .308 Winchester.  He took to that rifle like a duck to water, and rang all the gongs at the berm.  This particular rifle is one that I rehabbed. We call it The Ugly Rifle. I found it at a pawn shop several years ago, a sad specimen.  Now, it's been repaired, in a new stock, and it's taken a deer.  A smallish buck fell to it two years ago.  With a 165 Gameking and the family load of Reloder 15, it is just the ticket for a bang-flop shot on deer.

My two young marksmen with their rifles.  I'm proud to be their grandad.  It's hard to believe tht there is less than three months between those two.


Old NFO said...

Great that you're doing that! I need to do that for the grandsons...

Theother Ryan said...

Well done.

My grandfather passed down most of his guns when he was very ill and likely to pass soon. We went shooting as a family with his guns and I have many fond memories of that. However he didn't get to really see any of us use them. [Then again he didn't have a particularly large collection.]

I'm guessing you have plenty of rifles so these getting handed down will not leave you short. It makes sense to pass them down now and enjoy seeing your grandsons use them for fun and sporting, hopefully for many years.