Monday, September 23, 2013

Two Muslim Outrages

That's the title of an article by John Hinderaker, over at Power Line.  In the wake of the two recent outrages this week, the killing of Christians in both Kenya and Pakistan, I'm inclined to agree with those that say Islam is not so much a religion as a violent, backwards political movement.
Based on bitter experience, I would say that the mass murder of random innocents is the essence of the “teachings of Islam.” We have seen such mass murder over and over, more times than we can count. Does Islam have something to offer other than crazed, sadistic violence, committed to perpetuate the crudest forms of ignorance? If so, I haven’t seen it. Whether we talk about Africa (Nairobi), Asia (Peshawar) or any place else, the fruit of Islam appears to be the same.
Indeed.  Whether the Muhametan community likes it or not, their religion is associated with terror killings, brutality against women,  the murder of innocents, and savage suppression of political and intellectual thought.  That is the fruit of Islam.

Roger Simon believes that the Muslim world needs an intervention, and I'm inclined to agree with him.
Of course these mass murdering terror attacks were perpetrated by Sunnis, not Iranian Shiites, but most of the American public doesn’t know the difference.  And those of us who do are only reminded these killings are just the latest in a long and sadly predictable history of such events, Sunni and Shiite, during which, according to one website, a staggering 21269 deadly attacks have been undertaken by Islamic terrorists since  September 11, 2001.
And, as we all know, most of those 21,000 terror attacks had multiple victims.  Many of them had multiple dozens of victims.
 Of course, just by raising that question you are accused of Islamophobia, an absurd almost self-contradictory term, which always applies better to those using it. They are the ones who are phobic about Islam because they are the ones who are fearful (actually terrified) of what Islamic people will do if told the truth.
That's the truth of the matter.  Islam itself should be regarded by thinking peoples as backward, repulsive, and despicable.  The killing of innocents should not be celebrated in any civilized society.  Islam is a scourge on the land, and its adherents should be ashamed to claim it.


Old NFO said...

THat it is... But in today's PC world, no criticism is allowed... Only Christians can be criticized!

Anonymous said...

Finally, finally, finally; somebody gets it!!! Islam is NOT a religion; it is a government disguised as a faith. Muslimes are trying to institute Sharia; A FORM OF GOVERNMENT. They are trying to get their form of control installed under the guise of their farce of a religion. And we are giving them the green light because they SAY it is a religion. There should be means testing for that abomination of an ism.