Monday, September 30, 2013


The news today is All Shutdown, All The Time, and everyone is in a tizzy over the possibility that the might be in a panic tomorrow.

I don't care what they do about ObamaCare as long as it doesn't hurt Republican chances in the next election cycle.  I can see that Harry Reid is being intransigent and has no interest in negotiating.  The House gets a deal passed, then Harry nixes it.  Whatever.  We're in political brinksmanship and while I don't trust the Democrats, the Republicans aren't covering themselves in glory either.  The president has said that he'll veto anything that damages ObamaCare, and Harry is carrying his water so that he doesn't have to veto anything.  It's almost like you can see the string

We're screwed, hopelessly screwed, and at this point, having the government shut down seems more like a feature than a bug.  Why the Democrats ever appointed Harry Reid as Majority Leader is beyond me, but I have to admit that he's sure been earning his pay lately.  The man is very good at promoting the Democratic agenda.  So, if Harry isn't willing to negotiate, let it shut down.

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Goatwhiskers said...

Yep, maybe if the gov. shuts down, the country will be safe for a few days. Goatwhiskers