Sunday, September 08, 2013

Navigating the Alliant Website

I use a lot of Alliant powders, but I've been frustrated with their online data because it is presented so poorly.  It seems that they only want you to use the exact powders they're pushing today, when many of us know that other options exist.  For example, if you go online to their data center and try to find a Reloder 15 load for the .308 Winchester, you find that no data is easily available.  You get a page like this:
No RL-15 data, and we know that's bullshit, because RL-15 is a wonderful powder for the .308 Winchester.  In fact, the Army requires RL-15 in their M118 long range round.  But, there's a workaround.  Go back to the product page and get the page that highlights the powder, like this:
At the end of the red arrow is a link that says "View all Reloder 15 recipes".  Click on that link and you get the data for every cartridge that they have data on.  It's a work-around, and it works for all the powders Alliant makes.  I love using their powders, but I thoroughly detest the way they present data.  However, I've found a way to work around their online Reloaders Guide, and maybe this information will help other folks who are frustrated with the way Alliant presents data.

You're welcome.


Rivrdog said...

...all of which begs the question of wehen powder is actually going to be sold again. I am so sick of the excuses of the formerly-great reloading companies. For example, Midway USA, which used tyo be a fine outfit, says you must order, wait sixteen weeks before they will even tell you if they can get any. I went through all 409 of their powder selections, and found only BP substitutes are being sold now. If you were to get lucky and get permission to buy a pound, they're going to charge $30 extra haz-mat fee to ship it.

On a recent trip to Cabela's in Lacey, WA, their reloading clerk said there wasn't a pound of powder in the store, and management didn't know when they would be getting any.

This can't be all from hoarding: none of the reloaders I know have gotten any powder since last Winter. If the manufacturers are producing ANY powder, where is it going? Some ammo is starting to appear again, but not much, and it is at least 25-50% higher than the last time it was there.

Later this Fall, there will be a lot of stories in camp about missed shots, because no one can afford to practice much, and if they can, probably can't find/make the ammo to do so with.

I say to the ammo companies, both makers and re-sellers, give it to us straight: if Obama is harassing you out of business, tell us, the customers, we alone have the clout to save your business, but we can't do squat without hard, cold facts.

E Gardner said...

I appreciate the info. I use RL15 for 223, 243, 308, 30-06 & M1 loads. I did manage to find a few pounds in Sportsmans Warehouse a month ago. Have not seen any since. Like rivrdog, seems kinda suspicious to me.

Pawpaw said...

Seriously, guys? I bought powder at Wal-Mart this weekend. I looked on the shelf and found a couple of pounds of RL-22, which I needed.

I know of about three stores locally that sell powder, although supplies of pistol powder are spotty, and not all the rifle powder is back, but it's getting easier to find, locally.

rivrdog said...

Nuttin up here in the PacNorWest...

E Gardner said...

Must be a shortage in the west. Northern Utah.