Monday, September 16, 2013

Navy Yard

There's been a shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington DC, and all the news is covering it.  At the time I post this, thirteen are dead.

I will note, for the record, that it is illegal to own a standard capacity magazine in Washington DC, so the guy must have been shooting a low capacity firearm, and I believe that it is illegal to own a standard AR15 in Washington, so the guy must have been using a lever rifle.  Or something.  Because all that other stuff is illegal.  There should be a lesson there, but I doubt anyone will learn it.  That stuff is already illegal, but I'll bet that someone tries to make it illegal-er.

My prayers of course, for the victims, especially for the police officers who were injured.


Gerry N. said...

I see now that the shooter(s) is (are) black. Early politically correct news styled reports identified him (them) only as "Texans".

Jesus weeps.

Anonymous said...

You have it right Paw-Paw, but Liberals and Logic do not cohabit.

Rivrdog said...

Guy was using a shotgun, took out a security guard armed with an AR, then used that. Also had a Glock.

A feather merchant, killing other feather merchants.

Old NFO said...

Sad day... Thoughts and prayers go out to them.