Sunday, April 21, 2013

New Computer

My laptop crashed a couple of months ago, and because I don't need any real high-strength computer, I've been using Milady's netbook to access the interwebs and do some blogging.  Just last week, Milady's brother told us that his company was buying new laptops, and he had a chance to buy a few of them.  The company would pay a tech guy to wipe the computer and the company would sell them to employees at a very nice cost. 

I told him "Yeah!", so I picked it up yesterday at the fish fry.  It's a Dell Inspiron, and when they said they wiped it, they weren't kidding.  Except for the hour at church today I've spent all day cussing and configuring.  I've finally got the wireless working and now I'm finding other bugs.  I've downloaded a few programs I like and I  thought that I'd see if I can post on this thing.  I guess we'll know in a few minutes.

It runs Windows XP, has an 80 gig hard drive, and runs an Intel Centrino duo processor.  Whatever that means.  Now that I'm studying the machine, I don't see an SD card reader on it anywhere.


Old NFO said...

No SD card reader... Not much of anything on them actually... maybe a CD R/W but not much else.

Rivrdog said...

Put some form of Linux, such as Ubuntu on it, and forget about all that WinDoze crap. Very short learning curve for Ubuntu, even less for Knoppix.