Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Atlanta Cheating Scandal

It was all the talk at the high school today, the Atlanta, GA, cheating scandal.
They had until noon today to surrender to police in the worst cheating scandal involving standardized education testing in American history. The thirty-five teachers and administrators represent only the first round of potential defendants in the appalling story, where “educators” spent more effort in burnishing test scores than in actually educating children — who got left behind in service to the ambition of the school system.
Thirty-five of them in the initial round of indictments, cheating on tests to boost school performance scores.  Being indicted is one thing, being convicted is another, but if any of them have actually been cheating on the school scores, I hope that the judge throws them in the hoosegow for a couple of years.  They can teach GED to inmates as part of their sentence.  Naw, that's not a good idea, at that point they would have already forfeited their credentials, so let them pick peas in the field with the rest of the lowlifes.

I bet that this 35 is just the tip of the iceberg.  When they start singing, who knows how many more will be netted?  None of them ever should be allowed on a school campus, ever again.  Not even to see their grand-daughter in the spring play.

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Gerry N. said...

Ah noes dis be way rayciss an' all, but it wonders me how many of these pieces of crap are of dusky hue?