Thursday, April 25, 2013

Glowball Warmening

Fifty degrees out there this morning, I needed a jacket on my first-cup-of-coffee stroll.  Came in and turned the heat on in the house so that Milady wouldn't take a chill when she awoke.

This is the last week of April, and I guess we're having a pre-Easter cold snap.  Except that Easter was several weeks ago.  I'm not complaining, you understand, just a mite confused.  Normally in Louisiana this time of year, we're well past the morning jacket phase of spring.  I've actually put the jacket away three times already this year, thinking that cool weather was over.  When we get to the 80-by-8:00, full summer will be upon us, and I'll be pining for cool weather.

The official opening of the pool is this weekend.  Grandson Quinton's birthday marks the official opening, where the kids have the option of putting on a bathing suit and getting in the water.  It's liable to be a bit chilly for that, although PawPaw won't be the one to keep them from getting in the pool.

When I walked outside in the pre-dawn chill, the first thought that came to my mind was that it is squirrel hunting weather, and that's not for another five months.  Yeah, I'm already thinking about hunting season.  Lots of work to do before November.

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