Monday, April 22, 2013

Mowing the Grass

Mowing the grass went well today, in my terribly overgrown front yard.  This was the first cutting of the season.

Until I forgot where the water meter was located and yanked it out of the ground with the blades of the riding lawn mower.  It's a good thing I had already mowed the ditches, because they filled with water pretty quickly.

The guy from the Buckeye Water District said that lawnmowers are his worst enemy.  My son, who works for the Pollock Water System was there to help also.  Thanks, son.

It's hell being a redneck, sometimes.


Old NFO said...

Oops... :-) At least it was fixable!

Anonymous said...

I guess an advantage of living where it freezes is that the water-meters are buried below the frost line.

BobF said...

I feel better now. I took it off and ruined a 2-cycle screamer mower when I was a teenager. Dad was not a happy camper. Thanks for the company, though a bit later than I would have preferred.

mowing toowoomba said...

Ohh.. it was tough experience.