Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Brood

Last night at the pool party, my daughter wanted a photo of her brothers and I.

That's my offspring.  PawPaw is the midget in the back.  The big galoot on the left is a wizard with sheet metal and industrial plumbing.  The tall kid is an ace mechanic and you don't want him shooting at you unless you're over 800 yards away.  Even then you're in danger, but not necessarily fatal.  The little girl is a pharmacy tech and she makes the best enchiladas known to modern man.  The guy on the right is a cop, and you don't want him shooting at you with a handgun.  Or his precision rifle.

That's my youg'uns.


BobF said...

A fine looking group they are. Got a feeling that bunbch is fun to be around.

And when the wizard tires of that shirt I can send him my address.

Wow. It took 4 tries before I got a WV I could read. Hope they call with my new glasses this week.

Old NFO said...

Quite the family there Paw! I'm sure you are proud of them ALL!!!