Saturday, March 23, 2013

Preventive Maintenance

It's a wonderful thing when you winterize an engine.  I took out both lawnmowers this morning.  I knew the riding mower needed blades so I went to my local small-engine guy and bought blades, installed them on the mower, added fresh non-ethanol gasoline, then sat on the seat and turned the key.  She fired right up.  So, I put the riding mower away and got out the push mower.  Checked the oil, added fresh gasoline, then found a problem with the blade-brake cable.  I went back to the small-engine place, got a cable and installed it.  Primed the engine and it fired up on the first pull.

It's now nearly 1100 hrs, and I'm done with my scheduled chores for the day.   I'll spend the rest of the day doing what I want to do.  Y'all get out and enjoy Saturday, there's bound to be something fun in your local area.


Rich Jordan said...

Ethanol free gasoline... another nicety not available in the chicagoland area. Every time I can fill up with real gas while traveling my mileage goes up quite a bit. I imagine every small engine will last quite a bit longer with real gas too.

Anonymous said...

Is there anything a person can do if someone hadput diesel in a John Deere self-go push lawnmower, accidently of course, to make it run again? It cost over 500 and it's a shame to see it waste away. And had to do this anonymous, to save a lot of back slapping teasing. Oh it wasn't me, thank goodness!!

Anonymous said...

And one other question, what makes a riding lawn mower spit and sputter, and burn black smoke, more than it runs???? They have changed everything but the motor. And PawPaw, you are very wise so I figured you would be a good one to ask.... Actually I could think of at least 50 more questions I have wanted to ask, however I will leave it at that, LOL Thank you!!!