Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Hour

Simply thinking about Michael Moore (hack, spit), made me decide to declare Happy Hour.  This declaration in part because I am home, in blue jeans, and it is in fact, Friday afternoon, and it's 5:00 somewhere.

My preferred libation today is Canadian and Coke.  Because my doctor has me off sugar, we're forced to improvise.

Canadian and Coke

In a pint Mason jar,

Fill with ice
2 ounces cheap, rotgut Canadian Whiskey
Fill with Diet Coke.

If you don't have an appropriate Mason Jar, then find a jelly glass.  Or tupperware glass, or even a Red Solo Cup.


Anonymous said...

Try some Forty Creek.

A nude Michael Moore impression might deserve cheap stuff though.


jon spencer said...

My dad used to say, "don't need more Mist, I'm in a fog already".

Old NFO said...

You do what you must... :-) Salut!!!

Prairie Patriot said...

I second the Forty Creek

Rivrdog said...

Beam + Coke was THE drink of B-52 tailgunners in Operation Arc Light, B-52D bombing in SEA during the Vietnam War. The enlisted gunners manned the tail barbette of 4 Ma Deuces and it's optical and radar tracking and aiming systems. They were alone back there, guarding our Sixes, and every man jack of them had balls of brass.

As a veteran of 122 of those missions, 20 of them over North Vietnam, I regularly raise my Red Solo Cup filled with Beam + Coke to my stalwart Gunners.