Friday, March 29, 2013

Boneheaded Commenters

Once in a while I do a post, where someone takes issue with an opinion or an observation.  That's not a problem, as I am not infallible, and I've learned things from my commenters.  Occasionally, a commenter turns up who either can't read, or can't understand that I haven't seen everything under the sun.  One such example turned up yesterday when I was talking about the Associated Press and their 35 round drum magazines.  I've personally never seen a 35 round shotgun magazine, and I've played with some exotic toys in my career.

Yet this one bozo commenter comes online with this comment.
So, you've never seen a 35 round shotgun mag, how about a 30 round one? ONE GOOGLE SEARCH YOU GOOSE,18px;
So, I went to the video and they're showing a 30 round drum for a Saiga. Yeah, I've seen those.  They're bulky, heavy, and generally unreliable, but they exist.

So, to my commenter, who thinks I'm a goose, I repeat.  I've never seen a 35 round shotgun magazine, have you?  Or is it simply that you can't read, or can't count?  Or is the difference between 30 and 35 your IQ?  I bet you were abused as a child and never learned manners.  Too bad, so sad, don't come wandering in here with zero reading comprehension and expect that we'll all be impressed with your googling skills.  30 still doesn't make 35 and trying to impress us with that video is infantile.  It's one thing to be anonymous, it's another thing entirely to be anonymous and rude.  It's a third thing to be anonymous, rude, and stupid.  In this case, anonymous, you got all three in a three-line comment.

Come back anytime son, when you think you can play with the big boys.  Until then, sit down, shut up, and pay attention.  Count on your fingers and you might learn something.


Ed Jones said...

Shot Over...

Rivrdog said...

Was the Adam Henry's shotgun even a Saiga? I haven't heard any of the follow-up stories list the brand or even guage of the SG.

If it wasn't a Saiga, your commenter not only stretches the truth, he lies like a rug.