Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Belt Grinder

Several months ago at an auction, I bought a belt grinder.  A Craftsman belt grinder.  It featured a 1" x 42" belt and an 8" disc sander.  I got it at a good price and thought that, being a Craftsman I could run to Sears and get belts for it.

Not so fast.  When I went to Sears, they looked at me like I'd grown a tail.  Evidently they haven't sold this belt grinder in several dozen years.  So, I went over to Ace Hardware.  No luck, no joy.  The other day I was in Lowe's and wandered through their abrasives.  I spotted two packs of 1" x 42" belts, so I picked them up, then I found some 8" discs.  I picked those up too.

It's sitting in the shop now, oiled, adjusted, and ready to go.  I'll have to keep my eyes open for those belts when I go to Lowe's but I've got a supply that should last several years.    A belt sander is a wonderful thing to have handy when you're working on almost anything.


Gerry N. said...

Sears stationary power tools are all built for one purpose and that is to be sold. After Sears sells 'em that's it, they have served their desigh purpose. Blades, belts, discs, whatever seem to be all bastard sizes. Why this is has had me wondering for years.

Gerry N.

Anonymous said...

I bet that puppy could sharpen up a hunting blade darn right quick!!!


Phil k said...

You will be able to find the original owners manual on line if you search for it - this particular model looks like one that used to be quite popular with knife making hobbyists after they took of the belt table.