Monday, December 10, 2012

Rain, Blessed Rain

I awoke this morning to the rumble of thunder, and as it was close to my getting-up time, I decided to make coffee.  The dog, of course, was completely freaked-out.  He's really quite scared of thunder.  It's raining outside and I'm glad of that.  We've been dry for way too long.  I managed to capture the Accuweather radar map.

This is the tail of the front that's been dumping snow on the Midwest.  I heard the weather-weenies talking about it last night.  The guy was calling this Winter Storm Charles.  Have they started naming winter storms?


Old NFO said...

Rain is good, as long as it's NOT a deluge... :-) The roads are sure to be 'fun' this morning!!!

Gerry N. said...

"Have they started naming winter storms?"

You answered that with the term:"Weather Weenies".

We have 'em here in the Puget Sound Basin too. The Puget Sound Basin that gets actual weather once every 50 years or so, yet the sundry Weather Weenies call their reports "...---...Severe Weather Updates...---..." whenever we get measurable rainfall. Or a visible snowflake falling to ground.

Bunch'a pantywaists.

Gerry N.