Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Prep

Many years ago, Milady and I decided that we'd host a Christmas Eve celebration for family so that the kids and grandkids could celebrate Christmas Day however they proposed, whether at home doing the Santa Claus thing, or at the other in-laws.  Christmas Eve is ours.

The presents are wrapped, the tree is lit, and Milady and I are prepping for tomorrow.  The menu is simple, yet comprehensive.

Christmas Eve Menu

Baked Ham
Candied Yams
Cornbread Dressing
Green Bean Casserole
Yeast Rolls
Assorted Desserts
Iced Tea

Regarding the assorted desserts, I am told that Banana Pudding will be provided, as will a surplussage of Christmas Cookies.  Around here, we talk about "Nanner Pudding" and it will be sufficiently critiqued for completeness and sufficiency.  In the Deep South, "Nanner Pudding" is a dessert staple.

There will also be adult beverages for those who are interested, and PawPaw has laid on a sufficiency of Egg Nog.  Christmas Cheer will be complete, and comprehensive.  After the meal, we'll open presents and the grandkids will totally trash the living room.  It's part and parcel of our celebration.

Today, one adolescent grandson and I held a quicky course in the care and cleaning of bolt-action rifles.  He thought that he was helping me clean my rifle, but after the opens the boxes tomorrow night, hopefully the lesson will sink in.  There are actually two of those under the tree, and PawPaw will be interested to see the expressions on teenaged eyes when they open those gifts.

Note to Patty:  No one has offered to bring a chocolate cake.  We'll be pleased to see you tomorrow evening.


El Capitan said...

Nanner Pudding... The smallest recipe tweak is the difference between success & failure! Do you stir in the whipped cream, or dot it on top? Layer the Nilla wafers into the dish, or serve 'em fresh & crunchy as a side?

My secret? Splash the banana slices with a mix of fresh lemon & pineapple juice to keep 'em from browning!

MSgt B said...

Merry Christmas PawPaw!

Keep giving away rifles, and I'm going to put myself up for adoption.