Saturday, December 15, 2012

Clackamas Mall

You remember the Clackamas Mall shooting last week?  I wondered why a guy with an AR had such a small body count in a target-rich mall two weeks before Christmas.  Part of the narrative is that his magazine jammed, so I get that, but now we're learning that an armed CCW holder confronted him.
part was also due to the fact that, gun-free zone or not, Jacob Roberts was confronted by Nick Meli who was armed and has a concealed carry permit. No, he didn’t fire because he feared hitting an innocent person behind Roberts if he missed. But Roberts knew Meli was there: “I know after he saw me, I think the last shot he fired was the one he used on himself.”
We learn in police work that the best way to stop an active shooter is to confront him, to threaten him, to place fire on him if possible, to take his attention away from the innocents and on his own mortality. Generally, the shooter will eat his own gun pretty quickly after being confronted.

I wonder how many we could have saved at Sandy Hook if one administrator had been armed and trained.  If one teacher had been armed and trained.   We'll never know, will we?


FastFreddy said...

Wow...I heard NOTHING of this! I remind everyone I talk to that practically DAILY, someone saves their own life, or the life of someone around them, because they are armed. It doesn't make the news (it's not TRAGIC).

Every month, i read the page in American Rifleman, about those who defended their life against sub-human scum...because they had the right to carry a firearm. It's not understood, nor appreciated by the average individual...instead they hear boneheads like Bloomsburg, Cuomo, and Costas rally against the rights of the free, and nod their heads. It's sad.

Anonymous said...

I tried to verify the story on the original source,, a Portland OR station, but it seems they have pulled that video and only have videos on the victims and shooter. ???

Hobie said...

I'm not surprised that the radio station pulled the report. It doesn't fit the politically correct narrative. However, it seems that it has been reported that the Sandy Hook School shooter killed himself as soon as he knew he would be opposed by those responding. A single police officer, even one with only a handgun in concealed carry in the school could have ended it much sooner.