Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wing Shooting

We hunters understand wing shooting.  Many of us suck at it, but we like to practice, either at skeet on our ranges and pastures, or at clubs set up to take our money and give us a chance for fellowship and competition.  There are some shooters who shoot at live pigeons.  There are other folks who want to shut down live pigeon shoots that have begun using little aircraft fitted with cameras to record the events at live pigeon shoots.  Predictably, those little airborne devices flown over places where people shoot targets from the air, receive attention that is detrimental to the device.
The drone, nicknamed “Angel,” was recording a live pigeon shoot on Sunday around 3 p.m. when investigators say it was suddenly struck by gunfire.
Imagine that! You're flying a device over private property, an area known for shooting things out of the sky, and your device is hit by gunfire! The mind reels at such a possibility.
State Police are investigating the incident. SHARK claims this is the fourth time the drone has been shot at while trying to spy on what they claim are inhumane pigeon shoots.
You've lost four of those things over the shooting line? Incredible! I can't imagine what would be causing that.


Rivrdog said...

Pigeons are very hard to hit in pass shooting, drones, not so hard.

Were I in that pigeon-shooting bunch, I would carry a few #4 buck loads for when that mechnical tresspasser appeared.

Since a warrant is required for such snooping on private property, and none was served in advance of the drone's flight, I would seize the crashed drone, take it to the District Attorney, and insist that my public counsel initiate a lawsuit to protect the rights of property owners.

This one's easy. Next case!

Gerry N. said...

I can see two reasons for a drone to be shot at and hit over private property. 1. Is near terminal stupidity on the part of the drone owner/operator. 2. Is good shooting.

I also recommend the competitors carry a few #4 buckshot loads as drone medicine.