Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I see that Rutgers and Maryland are joining something called the Big Ten, which is purportedly a football conference. I see that there is another purported conference called the Big East? Whatever the hell that is.
Rutgers is joining the Big Ten, leaving the Big East behind and cashing in on the school’s investment in a football program that only 10 years ago seemed incapable of competing at the highest level…Rutgers has been competing in the Big East since 1991. But the league has been picked apart by conference realignment, and the Scarlet Knights were looking for a way out…The move follows Maryland’s announcement Monday that it was joining the Big Ten in 2014.
Okay, so by my count that makes fourteen teams in an ersatz conference called the Big Ten. Can't those bastards even count? I mean, c'mon, if it is named the Big Ten, how can you have fourteen teams? The mind boggles.

Yes, there are other colleges and universities that have football teams, but you can't expect anyone to take them seriously?  Even here in Louisiana we have teams in something called the Southland Conference, but those are teams that are second-tier at best.  Now, you're telling me that there are actual conferences called Big Ten (with 14 teams) and Big East?

There is only one conference worth following in college football.  The SEC.  Really, y'all should know that by now.  If it isn't SEC, it isn't actually football.  Here in the Deep South, the SEC conference championship is more important that the BCS championship, because we know where real football is played, and that's the SEC.

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