Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Eleven Most Important Guns in History

Popular Mechanics published a photo gallery of what they consider the eleven most important guns in history.  They include the first hand-cannon, the Uzi, the AK47 and the Garand.  They talk about Maxim machine guns, and they talk about the much loved M2 (Ma Deuce).  Regarding handfuns, they talk about the Colt Peacemaker and the 1911 pistol.  All worthy, historical, significant designs. Then, they come up with this monstrosity.

Perhaps the most innovative small arm of recent years is the XM-25 "Punisher" 25-mm grenade launcher. A laser measures the range to the target, so the grenade can be set to explode midair at the exact point it passes over a foxhole or a wall to target enemies behind cover. Five weapons were issued in Afghanistan on a trial basis in 2010 and they have had good reports. However, the XM25's estimated cost of over $30,000 may prove to be something of a limitation for now.
I've got to scream Bullshit! That thing isn't important. While nice, while interesting, it certainly doesn't have the cachet, the history, the excellence of the Colt Peacemaker, or the 1911 as designed by the sainted John Moses Browning (PBUH).  It certainly doesn't show design excellence, or elegance like a Maxim or innovative design like the AK47.

Popular Mechanics is a great magazine, but they're off the mark including this prototype in their list.


Rich Jordan said...

I agree in principle but I have to admit I'm also delighted to know that Popular Mechanics is still resisting the politically correct hoplophobia that has castrated other magazines of of similar type.

Gerry N. said...

I'm wondering why they left out the M 1894 Winchester and the M1898 Mauser.

Gerry N.

MSgt B said...

I wonder how much they got paid to advertise that thing in a positive light?

Anonymous said...

What MSgt B said. The British Enfield has to be there (besides all the wars it has been in I read once it still is one of the more popular moose rifles in Canada. The German Mauser or it 02A3 clone (my deer rifle sported in 257 Roberts) and many others. I suspect that a lot more of our enemies have been killed by the 50 bmg then that thing. I give them credit for writing such an article but doubt their target audience was real gunnies.

Rivrdog said...

Also, the XM-25 is really in the class of man-portable artillery more than that of individual weapon, just by what it accomplishes with it's gee-whiz targeting system and HE shell.