Sunday, November 11, 2012


On Veteran's Day, it's important to remember the troops who served and the troops who are still serving.  It's also important to give them the very best leadership we can provide for them.  Unfortunately, there's a growing concern that the current crop of General Officers is mediocre or inept, or maybe just merely incompetent.   
A culture of mediocrity has taken hold within the Army’s leadership rank—if it is not uprooted, the country’s next war is unlikely to unfold any better than the last two.
Thomas Ricks makes the case over at the Atlantic.  Go read.  Our soldiers deserve better.


Old NFO said...

Mediocrity and politics... sigh... If you're not PC, you don't promote, NOTHING about how good a warrior/leader one is.

Rivrdog said...

When the PeeCee manual gets bigger than all the Ops manuals and Technical Orders, getting prepared to fight is allotted less time than preparing to Look Good.

End result? Some ragtag Army kicks our ass.

Termite said...

George Patton and Chesty Puller are weeping.....