Friday, November 16, 2012

Bulletproof Research

The quest for better ballistic protection is ever on-going and promising results are coming out of laboratories.
Bulletproofing for soldiers and law enforcement officers has lightened up considerably in recent years, but it promises to get insanely thin with new nanotechnology coming out of MIT and Rice University.
I was a veteran cop when Kevlar was first built into ballistic vests and I've worn Kevlar ever since. It's great stuff, but it's heavy and it doesn't breathe well. Wearing a Kevlar vest on a summertime Louisiana day is akin to dehydration and heat exhaustion.  I don't know how our fighters in the desert regions carry all the ballistic armor that they carry every day, walking in that heat and environment.  Anything lighter and thinner that still provides good protection would have uses in both personal protection and vehicle protection applications.

As Instapundit might say, Faster, please.

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Old NFO said...

Yep average 57lbs for the basic combat loadout, WITHOUT ammo or water...