Wednesday, December 28, 2011

So, bury the Bastard already

I figgered they'd have buried him already, but The Atlantic is reporting that they buried The Korean Madman today, December 28th. The pictures at the link are truly creepy, everyone crying, wailing, it's disconcerting.

Of course, all this is done for propaganda, but damn people. I mean, whose consumption are these pictures for? None of the rest of the world believes that anyone could be this heartbroken over the loss of this tyrant. This is a guy who nearly starved a country to death, sent his own people to Siberia when he couldn't feed them, then bankrupted the country for his own ego, and the people are crying for him?

Worst damned case of Stockholm Syndrome I've ever seen.


Gerry N. said...

If Norks don't grieve sufficiently and publicly enough they'll get to join "Dear Leader". And their family will be billed for the cartridge.

This is the slimy regime Peanut Cahtuh sent his condolences to. I'll personally fund a one way ticket to Nork Land for that senile traitor, Jimmah Cahtuh on one condition. I get to shoot the Sumbitch if he tries to comes back. And I'll personally buy the ammo and supply the gun. It will be an SKS loaded with Wolf 154 gr. Soft points.

MSgt B said...

Interesting commentary on the radio yesterday.

ie - China will not let N Korea "explode" or "implode". Status quo will be maintained.

Chinese proverb: "If you don't have lips, your teeth get cold"

N Korea is China's lips.