Monday, December 05, 2011

Laws we didn't even know about

I can't know all the laws; there are simply too many of them. However, we can assume that the Attorney General has someone on his staff with a working knowledge, at least one person in Justice, who knows the applicable law in any given situation. Even so, it appears that Justice may have broken laws of which the general public is blissfully unaware. Specifically, those that disallow aiding, abetting, or materially assisting certain criminal elements in foreign countries. As in the Fast and Furious investigation. Dept of Treasury is tasked with keeping track of the things necessary to procure and indictment, but when they detect a possible violation, they are supposed to refer the facts to Justice for prosecution.
Interestingly, and of serious note — if Secretary Geithner finds that the laws and programs which his Department administers have been violated, Treasury procedures mandate that the matter be referred to Eric Holder’s Justice Department for enforcement!

Perhaps the appointment of a special prosecutor is necessary after all.
I've been calling for a special prosecutor in this matter for several months now. There's no way that the IG at Justice is going to serve any useful purpose, except to give cover to Holder. It's time to appoint a special prosecutor.

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