Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Range Day

I found myself with a couple of hours to kill this morning and I haven't had any trigger time since the start of the deer season. So, I loaded some ammo for the .308, so that I could try some new bullets. Back in the autumn, I had bought some pulled bullets from RMR Reloading. They were billed as 150 grain Federal Fusion bullets and today was the first time I'd had a chance to take them to the range.

So, I checked multiple data sources and decided that I could safely load from 42.0 to 47.0 grains of RL15 under those bullets. I got out a bag of prepped Winchester brass, some WLR primers and got to work assembling ammo. I decided to use Dan Newberry's OCW system to find a load that would work in this rifle. With high hopes and new ammo, I headed for the range. I decided to give the Ugly Rifle an outing this morning. It's been languishing in the locker all winter.

By 11:00 I had shot my rotations and was looking through the spotting scope. Disappointment. After a review of my shooting, I can't find anything that really stands out. No group under 1.25 inches, the average of all groups is 1.56 inches. Not an auspicious beginning to new load development.

I've got a load that shoots well in this rifle. Heck it shoots well in every .308 I've tried it. 43.0 grains of RL15 and a 165/168 bullet is a sure-fire shot in this rifle. But, in this rifle, that same 43 grains of RL15 with a 150 fusion bullet turns in a 1.32" group. Poot!

Back to the drawing board. I might try 4895 next.

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