Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Summertime weather

I awoke this morning to a muggy, sunny day. Standard summertime weather for central Louisiana. It appears that we're on track of the "eighty by eight" weather pattern where at 8:00 a.m. it's already 80 degrees on the Fahrenheit scale. It's not yet 8:00 here and the temps sit at a sultry 80 on my back porch thermometer. The weather weenies are predicting 100 degrees by the heat of the afternoon.

We're in a drought. The flooding along the Morganza spillway is considerably less than was predicted by the Corps of Engineers, simply because the ground was so parched it soaked up a lot of the water that the Corps sent down the floodway. Even moist Louisiana can be in a drought. The Morganza spillway is some 60 miles south of me, so I'm not seeing any benefit from that water. My little pond beside the house is about a foot below normal pool stage, and I doubt that it will fill until next winter, if then.

In weather like this, I'll do my outdoor piddling in the early morning, then by noon I'll be indoors where the air conditioning is cool. I'll be outside again the hour before dark.

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