Thursday, June 16, 2011


I went out to the sheriff's firing range this morning to get some trigger time on my Model 60. I want to qualify with it tomorrow morning and needed to put a couple (of dozen) rounds downrange to re-acquaint myself with the trigger.

The sheriff has several ranges there, one of them is called the Citizen's range, and it's generally open for the citizenry to use. 8:00-4:00 Tuesday through Friday, there's normally someone available to open the range and serve as rangemaster, subject to no tragedies or hot call-outs.

Someone was using the qualification range, so I wandered down to the citizens range and found the red flag flying. Talked to the rangemaster, posted a target and started working on my 25 yard shooting. I spent about an hour on the line, working my sights, taking time with my trigger and wearing a blister on my index finger.

The police marksmen use that part of the range because it features a 300 yard berm with good target backers. They use the standard cartridge for police marksmen, which is the .308 Winchester, and they use the good stuff, Federal Gold Medal Match. I happened to look in the brass bucket, and what did I spot? Spent .308 brass. All Federal GMM brass. 60 rounds. I know it's once-fired because none of those guys reload. They all shoot the sheriff's ammo. Plus, 20 rounds of Hornady Match brass. Oh, score.

It's full-length sized, deprimed and rumbling in the tumbler as I type this.

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Jester said...

That is a lucky find indeed. I've only been able to find some once fired hornady 204 brass. While I don't have a rifle so chambered I watched it get shot and tossed in the can. Could not pass it up, thinking someone down the road would be able to take it off my hands in trade.