Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day

I'm told that this weekend is Father's Day weekend, and if I know my children, they'll do something appropriate. I don't really need anything, so presents fall into the "cool" category. I've already written about one gift I've received, and it's a huckleberry.

The one thing I'd like this Father's Day is something I can't have. I'd like to spend just one more hour with my old man. To drink one more cup of afternoon coffee.

I miss you Old Man.


Hobie said...

I was thinking about MY dad as well. We will see them soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Patty said: "Dennis, your post gave me an idea. I woke up early, made a thermos of coffee (thanks for the Kerig Frances) and went and had morning coffee with Daddy this morning. I could hear him telling me I was insane battling the bugs/heat but it felt good.