Friday, September 24, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, I brought home a stray German Shepherd.  A beautiful white dog.  I took him to the vet, got him checked out and his vaccinations updated.  We started him on heartworm preventives and did all the smart things.  Then, after three or four days we discovered that he wasn't a good fit for the place.  He was simply too big for my back yard and was becoming just a tad aggressive with our little dog, Beau.

Still, he was a beautiful dog and we didn't want to take him to the pound.  We started looking for a permanent home and after a week of searching, we found one.  An adult daughter of a friend of ours lives in the country with a large fenced back yard.  She loves Shepherds and doesn't currently have one.  She is alone half the time because her husband works offshore.  Plus, when she saw the dog she fell immediately in love with him.  Milady and I are very pleased that he's got a home where he'll be loved, have room to play and will soon become part of a stable family.


Ess said...

I sure am glad Ranger has a good home now, sorry we could just be foster parents, but he was good, while he was here! Here's to a happy doggy life to Ranger!!!

Old NFO said...

That's great news all around!

JPG said...

Your efforts on behalf of Big White Dog are most praiseworthy, sir. Sounds like you discovered a real Win--Win solution, to the benefit of all concerned.