Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I am woefully behind on the prep for hunting season.  My stands haven't been prepared, my shooting lanes haven't been cleaned, my feeders languish in the backyard shed.

I did manage today to load some ammunition.  .30-30 Winchester.  I prepped 50 cases of Winchester brass, and loaded them with the Speer 130 grain Hot-Core bullet.  This load shot really well out of the Handi-Rifle and I'm hoping that accuracy will transfer over to the Winchester 94 I keep for jacketed loads.

I am not tinkering with the Win94 I've got sighed for cast-bullet loads.

Squirrel season starts Saturday in these parts and I will not be participating in that opening ritual.  I haven't hunted squirrels in six or seven years, primarily because it's been so hot for the past several years.  This year, the woods are bone dry and walking through them would be like walking on corn flakes.

I plan to get to the range on Saturday and do some final sight-in work on the Handi and that Winchester 94.


J said...

I believe I'll harvest one only squirrel with my 22 Saturday morning and simmer it in gravy on my frontyard campfire Saturday evening. Sounds like a plan fit for ushering in the season.

The Displaced Louisiana Guy said...

I miss our yearly opening day expeditions. Nothing like watching the woods wake up under that old beech tree.