Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter Wonderland

It's still snowing in Central Louisiana. We've gotten an accumulation of three or four inches and it's still coming down. The grandsons are loving it. They've never seen enough snow to do anything with and they're quite amazed. This morning before daylight we went out and I taught them the basics of snow-man construction.

This is a wet, sticky snow, perfect for snowballs and snow men. It's also heavy and I forgot just how heavy wet snow can be. So, we've sustained snow damage at PawPaw's house. Our gazebo took a hit. That was a light-weight metal frame supporting a canvas roof. It's still a light-wieght metal frame, but it's not supporting much.

Whether we'll rebuild it is problematic. I've got the equipment and expertise to rebuid the thing, but we may decide to go with something sturdier.

The weather weenies tell me that this is the first time since 1973 that we've had two measurable snowfalls in the same winter season. I'd just as soon we let that record go for another forty years, but the grandsons are loving it.


J said...

Here in Tullos @ 0845 there's exactly 2 3/4" of snow on the ground and 5" on my truck hood. And still snowing!

Anonymous said...

Yup, snow's fun. For about two hours. I'm glad I'm A: Retired and don't have to drive in it. And B: I live five air miles East of Puget Sound and only have to deal with it for about two weeks a year on average.

Gerry N.