Monday, February 15, 2010

Handi Basics

If you're new to the Handi-Rifle, the guys over at Greybeard's Outdoors have put together a Handi Rifle basic FAQ thread. In it you'll find a wealth of information on the Handi-Rifle.

For example, one of the quick tips for accurizing the rifle is to put an O-ring or neoprene washer between the forearm and the barrel, over the mounting stud. This tends to isolate vibrations and helps the rifle shoot better. There is also a great list of scope mounting parts and part numbers to make your search easier.

I was at Lowe's today and picked up a pack of O-rings. Installing one takes about two minutes and that's a quick, easy way to tighten your groups. Some rifles need it, some don't. Now, I've got O-rings enough for ten rifles. The rate I'm going I might need all ten of them.


Rich Jordan said...

You just keep tempting me to get one (to start) of these. I've seen the Buffalo Classic rifle (.45-70, case hardened frame) at a gun show and if I'd had the cash it would have come home with me. They also make the CR-45LC carbine in .45 Long Colt that is also very tempting...

I don't need them. I just want them ;)

Anonymous said...

I've got an old M158 Topper in .30-30. It has the old style spring attachment for the fore end and is sufficiently accurate for most any possible application of the .30-30 cartridge. At 50 yards, my range distance of choice due to age and decrepitude issues, I can plop cast bullets reliably into a 3" circle. This with the factory Marble folding open sight. Off the shelf ammunition puts the bullets into the same 3" circle, just 4" higher. The little rifle weighs just 5 1/4 pounds and shoulders like a fine shotgun, making it a prime choice for the thick brush I hunt in.

Gerry N.

Anonymous said...

This is an old technique that seems to work well with any rifle that uses a stud to mount the forearm to the barrel. It definitely improved the accuracy of my Savage 99 and I have also heard it helps Ruger Number 1's.