Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Conflict of Interest

Thirty one of the Congress critters that are quizzing Toyota took campaign contributions from the UAW. Why is that important? Mainly because the UAW and the US Government are major stockholders in General Motors, and the UAW has for years unsuccessfully tried to organize the workers at Toyota.

Don't think the lawyers at Toyota don't know about this conflict of interest. Sure, they've got their own problems with the accelerator, but they're being grilled by folks with a huge conflict of interest.


Old NFO said...

Oh... GOOD point!!! I wonder if anybody else has noticed???

Rivrdog said...

I especially loved the part that the accelerator problems could be alleviated by cutting a small slice off of the bottom of the rubber pedal pad.

So simple, and yet we are so bollixed up by lawyers in this country, that a sharp pocket knife is the solution, and instead we have to have all these politics.

I have a Mazda B2500, solid little mini-truck, very economical. I had a problem with the floor mats, too. The clutch pedal couldn't be fully depressed, and I burned up a clutch in only 60,000 miles. When I had the clutch replaced, my mechanic told me that the factory floor mat might be the problem, so as soon as I got the truck home, I took a stout pair of metal shears and cut out that part of the floor mat. The clutch now operates properly.

Paul said...

And -- the Toyota defenders in Congress come from a few states with a vested interest and contributions of their own. Can't tell the players without a program.