Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I took a few minutes today to update my firearms inventory. It's a good idea to keep a list of firearms and other valuables you might have around the house. In case of burglary or other disaster. It's also a good idea to handle all of your firearms regularly. Firearms, like other tools, need routine attention.

I've got them all listed, but I have to remember to add Milady's shotgun to the list when it comes back from the shop.

What I thought would take a few minutes turned into an hour or so. It's amazing that when you handle firearms, you have to take a minute to peer down the barrel and wipe an oily rag across everything. I saw some firearms that needed attention, so they got a good cleaning.

The last of them is sitting on the counter on the cleaning box. I'm letting the Hoppe's soak for the second go-round. In a few minutes I'll start pushing patches.


J said...

Another good thing to add to the inventory list is identifying marks for each gun, i.e., something other than a serial number which makes the gun one of a kind. I usually write something such as my initials inside a barrel channel, etc.

My T-C Contender description, for example, says, "Butt sling swivel stud drilled 1/4" off to the right side."

Pawpaw said...

I agree, Junior. I made my inventory an Excel document so that I can easily update it from now on. I've got a section for notes and list such things as barrel length, sights, scopes, that sort of thing.

Old NFO said...

I use a program called Gun Safe, it's been around for years. PITA, but I've got too many entries to change it now. A recommendation, print the complete list, get it notarized and scanned into a .pdf then keep the original and a file copy off site.

Rich Jordan said...

I actually took digital pictures of each of my firearms. Side views, muzzle view, identifying marks (serial number area and/or damage/blemishes on the milsurps); I tucked an encrypted memory card and a burned CD copy, also encrypted, into a fire-safe location. A copy also got sent to a trusted relative as backup.