Friday, July 24, 2009

Busy Day

I went to second son's house today and helped him install some plumbing for a vanity in his new bathroom. When that was over, first son and I installed a top on the Mule.

I bought that thing two years ago to use on the lease, and to use at work when I needed to take a lot of steps across outside ground. I've used it for parades, football game, track meets, just about any activity at the school where I've got to cover a lot of acreage.

It didn't have a top, and that has become a handicap. Not so much for really foul weather, but for those cold mornings where the dew sets on everything. Driving through woods is like taking a bath.

Kawasaki wants a jillion dollars for a top specifically designed for my Mule. My boys, on the other hand, were able to get a piece of sign material. It's two pieces of 1/32d aluminum sandwiched around a piece of 1/16th high-impact plastic. We cut a 5' X 6' piece and clamped it to the top of the mule with pipe straps. It's a clean installation.

When we got finished, it was nearly happy hour at PawPaw's house, so Milady sent me to the store for ribeye steaks while she steamed some broccoli and baked a few potatoes.

PawPaw's stuffed, and it'll soon be bedtime.

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Old NFO said...

Adapt, Improvise, Overcome (and save money to boot)! :-)