Wednesday, July 08, 2009

600, huh?

Police estimate that 600 people showed up for Jacko's funeral.
LAPD estimates that there was a crowd of just 600 people outside the Staples Center. CBS News correspondent Ben Tracy said there were less than 1,000 people outside.

Police was prepared to handle 250,000. Three thousand LAPD officers were assigned to the memorial. That's more than were on hand for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.
Three thousand officers assigned to handle 600 people? I've handled more people than that with two officers at a basketball game. Of course, I was expecting 600 people. Crowds at my hometown basketball games are easy to predict.

I bet that the LAPD was in full crowd control mode, with detailed charts and officer assignments. 3,000 officers assigned. 600 people showed up. Those officers made some good overtime. Nothing to do but stand on the corner and wave at people. That's a good detail.


Bob@thenest said...

But I'll bet there were 10,000 or so involved n putting on the saturation coverage of the event.

Skewed priorities at its worst.

J said...

Probably 1/2 of the 600 people were undercover cops.

P said...

600 attendees, that would make the Press to Citizen ratio about 10 to 1,

I spend the day yesterday in hospital waiting rooms, Every single person there said turn the rubbish off, except for one 21 year old urban woman who was calling us all racist for wanting it off.

Who the bleep cares about the funeral of a child molester, he should be ashes blowing down wind of a penitentary