Monday, July 13, 2009

Pulled Pork

My sister, Margaret, introduced me to pulled pork, which is simply a shredded pork roast. I've been playing with my own recipe, being a lazy sort, and I've been fairly successful, to the point that family requests it for large gatherings. It's one of the easy recipes. I use a ceramic-lined slow cooker. (Crock-pot is a registered trademark)

Pulled Pork

One pork roast, boston butt or whatever.
Beer- six ounces
Meat rub. I use Tony's Creole Seasoning,but you can use what's available.
Kraft Original Barbeque Sauce

Drop the roast into the cooker and liberally sprinkle it with seasoning. Pour the beer over the roast. Set it on LOW and leave it for six or eight hours. What I normally do is start the process at about bedtime and let the roast cook until daylight. Then, put the roast on a tray and shred it (pull it), using two forks. I take out the residual fat as I shred the meat. Mix just enough barbeque sauce into the shredded meat to suit yourself. I use a little less sauce than others might.

Serve with rolls and let the guests make their own sandwiches. Bon apetit!


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the coleslaw and pickles.


Theother Ryan said...

I have always done it with a 12 oz can of soda. I'll try your way next time. Beer sounds like a nice idea. Little sauce is the way to go, the pork has plenty of flavor. People can always add more to taste.