Saturday, May 16, 2009

San Fran Nan

From the CNN Political Wire, I see that Speaker Pelosi is blaming the Bush Administration for her current problems.
"We all share great respect for the dedicated men and women of the intelligence community who are deeply committed to the safety and security of the American people," she said in a statement issued by her office. "My criticism of the manner in which the Bush Administration did not appropriately inform Congress is separate from my respect for those in the intelligence community who work to keep our country safe.
Damn, Nancy, that's about the lamest statement I've ever read. And you're supposed to be the Speaker of the House? More like laughing-stock of the Congress.

Here's Nancy in a stand-up routine with an un-named straight man. Courtesy of

Pelosi is so lame, if she were a horse, they'd shoot her.

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