Sunday, August 24, 2008


I wonder what Obama was thinking when he picked Biden as his VP?

Isn't Biden the guy who called him "clean"? What's Obama trying to do, balance the ticket by having a guy who makes unintended racial comments? I don't get it. Maybe, he's trying to reassure white voters whose hearts are in the right place but occasionally make a racial gaffe.

If Obama is trying to fix Washington, shouldn't he have chosen someone who hasn't spent the last couple of decades inside Washington? He's been a Senator since 1973. Lessee, that's presidents Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush. Oh, yeah, Biden is a Washington insider.

Maybe Obama was trying to get someone with foreign policy experience. So why would he pick the guy who wanted to partition Iraq? That plan was so bad that it united the Iraqis in loathing it. It was a horrible idea.

Isn't Biden the guy, along with Senator Murtha, who slandered the Haditha Marines? So much for supporting the troops. I wonder when he is going to apologize to those guys? Better question is who's speech is he going to use?

CNN says that Biden will give Obama "old-school cred". Whatever that means. It looks to me like Biden gives McCain plenty of ammunition to use against Obama.

As far as I'm concerned, they're just two Yankees, Obama and Biden. When's the last time two Yankees were elected on the same ticket?


Dan said...

Biden is great! I love this pick!
Obama can preach as often as he wants now, and doesn't have to worry about protecting himself, because Biden is going to slam Mccain everytime he tries to attack! I love it! Obama will consistently stay on top as a result, and Mccain will fal far behind the interests of the American people. This means that it will eventually be only the stupid people who are predisposed to vote Republican to be the only voters Mccain will get in November! YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!

HTRN said...

I can tell you why Obama chose Biden, because the most left leaning member of the senate chose the third most left leaning member. I guess Sheldon Whitehouse(D-RI, #2) wasn't interested.